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Fastship UK are experts in the transport, shipping and handling of goods unsuitable for containerisation and provide a complete conventional shipping service. We are specialists in the handling, transport and shipping of abnormal and oversized loads, and provide a full service from site to site, taking every aspect of the journey into account to ensure a seamless, safe and well supervised transportation.

From transportation to docks by road, rail, barge or feeder vessel, to dock reception and pre-shipment storage, through to stevedoring, rigging, superintendence at ports, discharging operations and delivery to inland destination.

Operations involved in transporting oversized or abnormal loads can include; pre-shipment inspection, export preparation and packing, route survey/planning, site handling onto transport,  LC review and document compliance, dockside handling and supervision, on board dunnaging, lashing and securing, charter party/freight negotiation, discharging operations, customs clearance marine surveyor, on-carriage operations, discharge from transport to site/foundation.